Our Projects

The Strathclyde SDR Lab is currently working on a number of innovative projects across a range of domains, primarily focused on 5G, shared and dynamic spectrum, and software defined radio/ cognitive radio.

The team are doing a lot of work with the Xilinx RFSoC, and you can check out some open source educational materials we have produced over on our GitHub page.

Details on some of our headline 5G Projects can be found by clicking on the icons below.

5G RuralFirst

5G RuralFirst is a call to action. We need to demonstrate the game changing potential of 5G technologies, strategies and new business models to deliver connectivity for the UK’s rural businesses and communities. We believe that bringing more…

5G NewThinking

The 5G NewThinking project will look at the provision of mobile/wireless connectivity primarily using the shared spectrum and local spectrum licencing options announced by Ofcom in July 2019. Working closely with communities, the… 

S5GC: 5G Scotland Rural Testbed

The University of Strathclyde are creating a rural ‘field lab’ to allow demonstration, test, and evaluation of new 5G-technologies, shared spectrum access, operational models, and regulatory approaches for fixed and mobile connectivity in…

5G RailNext

5G RailNext is a demonstrator for interactive media, such as augmented reality, over 5G in the marketing and creative industries. Its goal is to show that the next generation of mobile networks and platforms has the potential to improve…

SPEN Green Economy Fund

We are working with partners to implement a new initiative that combines 5G communications technology and smart metering to manage energy usage across residential heat network and homes without existing metering services…

Flashback time..!


In a past life, the team operated under the brand of the Centre for Whitespace Communications.
We are proud of the work we carried out, building some of the UK’s first shared spectrum networks,
and aiding Ofcom in the development of the UK’s  TV WhiteSpace regulations. 

Check out the CWSC website here