Our Projects:


5G NewThinking empowers rural communities to take control of their connectivity. The project explores the viability of community-led deployments of mobile network infrastructure, that can be used for high speed 5G Fixed Wireless Access broadband and commercial Neutral Host (mobile network infill) applications. 

This project explores the business models, funding opportunities, technical and security requirements Rural BenComs must consider when building and running their own networks. 

In 5G RuralFirst we demonstrated it was technically possible to build a mobile network using low cost radio solutions and shared spectrum. Now, we are doing it for real.

The 5G NewThinking project brings together a consortium of organisations from across the public, private and academic sectors. We’re working closely with people living and working in the Orkney Islands, the Borderlands, and Northern Ireland to understand their needs so that we can provide them with the practical tools, services, support, and guidance they need to consider building and operate their own next generation communications networks.

5G New Thinking is designed specifically to make this next generation of connectivity not simply possible for rural communities, but a practical, commercially viable reality – and one that they can take control of themselves.

The project runs until March 2022, and will produce a toolkit designed to enable communities and businesses to build and operate their own local mobile and wireless networks. So, this isn’t giving a person a fish, it’s teaching that person how to catch one for themself.

Our project is therefore working to address the digital divide that often separates rural communities from their urban counterparts.

You can find out more about the 5G NewThinking project on its website, www.5GNewThinking.co.uk