Our Projects:


5G RailNext invites commuters to step into new worlds with the power of 5G and immersive technology. The way consumers on public transport engage with branded content is set to change forever.

Imagine if consumers could engage with their favourite brands, experiment with virtual products and explore a universe of personalised content on their morning commute.

This is the vision of 5G RailNext: a pioneering project that explores the potential of mixed and augmented reality portals to transform the passenger experience. By harnessing next-generation interactive media, we’re developing a platform for advertisers worldwide to open new marketing channels and generate untapped revenue streams – starting with the busy Seoul subway (one of the busiest in the world) and the historic Glasgow metro (the third oldest in the UK).

Soon, the marketing and creative industries will have the opportunity to capture the imagination of audiences on the move like never before. By stepping through a portal between the real and brand worlds, consumers will no longer view a brand from a distance – they’ll live it. 

5G RailNext exists to explore how media owners and operators can tap into these emerging channels. the project will demonstrate how the necxt generation of mobile networks can enhance the passenger experience, transform content strategies, generate new revenue streams and maximise the time that traveller spend with the brands they love.

You can follow the project on Twitter,  twitter.com/5GRailNext